Why SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification Can be a Gamechanger for Your Career

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Why SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification Can be a Gamechanger for Your Career


Soham Chakraborty

Published December 23, 2022

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Scrum Masters are leaders who handle teams and ensure communication that helps everyone reach their goals. They do this via process enhancement and streamlining, and their expertise makes them invaluable to companies going into 2023. SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters operate within a scaled Agile framework and have a more specialized role in which they apply integrated methods that assist organizations to succeed in big projects. SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters are trained to deal with Scrum anti-patterns and boost cross-team collaboration toward quality program execution. This sort of leadership is responsible for improving work processes and leads to the formation of top-performing Lean-Agile teams. 

mentor teams

What does it mean to be a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master?

As a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, you facilitate scalability and DevOps methods, use Kanban for workflow, and ensure full collaboration between teams and management in the corporate structure. You also learn the practicality of Agile and handling situations using Agile, while addressing Scrum anti-patterns in the company, that leads to the creation of outstanding teams.

Let’s break down the role of a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master below:

  • Implementing the Scrum system within SAFe - Successful organizations rely on Agile practices in order to meet competitive market demands and challenges by improving their operations. This is what a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master ensures; instruct and educate teams in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.
  • Problem solver - SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters are trained to address and overcome any impediment that blocks progress for the team. On top of having the necessary technical skills, they have an intimate understanding of the Agile principles and processes in order to effectively guide other team members and identify solutions faster. 
  • Coaching teams - As a servant leader, SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters train Agile teams to help deliver business value and streamline the product life cycle for enterprise success.
  • Overseer of Scrum practices - The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master makes sure that every level of the organization follows Scrum practices and processes.

What advantage does the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification offer?  

In the modern workplace, Scrum has evolved into one of the most trusted and effective frameworks within which Agility can be implemented for software, sales, advertising, and finance projects. As a manager, the SAFe Scrum Master leads both the team members and the product owner to build a successful product.

Despite this, the Scrum Master is not perfect and at times, it is quite possible that their reliability will suffer from factors such as a gap in the Scrum methodology, anti-patterns of Scrum and Agile, and even a major failure in promoting collaboration and fostering relationships between teams and customers. This is what drove the creation of the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master training which would address and hopefully resolve all obstacles to a smooth Scrum framework. The SAFe Scrum Master utilizes Agile frameworks to maximize the impact and effectiveness of a Scrum Team with a SAFe approach. 

The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course includes knowledge and materials unavailable in the SAFe Scrum Master course, such as the 7-core skills with regard to organizational capabilities. Scrum Masters deep dive into concepts of Extreme Programming and Kanban to enhance team functions and mitigate Scrum and SAFe anti-patterns. The function of the Scrum Master in cross-team cooperation and team-building activities is also covered in the course.

Get a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification

As a Scrum Master, you must ask yourself if you can do better and be a more effective professional. There is a way to upgrade and advance yourself - the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course and certification. With a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course: 

  • You can quickly ascend the career ladder
  • You can grab lucrative opportunities that come with Scrum. 
  • You can be a linchpin for the growth and success of your organization by applying what you learn

It is important that you can effectively deploy Agile-Scrum in your organization while utilizing streamlined communication, mentoring, and other skills you learn with the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification course.

What are your learning goals?   

Finishing the SASM course should imbibe the following capabilities in you: 

  • Introducing and applying SAFe principles to engage and empower multiple teams and effectively train them 
  • Aiding in the formation of an efficient workforce that operates in a high-performance setting while you foster continuous development at every level 
  • Addressing anti-patterns in Scrum and/or Agile
  • Facilitating methods in tune with engineering, DevOps, and Agile architecture
  • Leveraging Kanban and flow to make the work process and teams highly efficient
  • Speeding up end-to-end design, implementation and delivery of products
  • Keep gaining knowledge for the application of Scrum within SAFe through your involvement in Community of Practice and invention loops

What happens after you are SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certified?

The road to an advanced Scrum career path doesn’t end with the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification. It’s just a launchpad to ensure that brand new opportunities become available to you. This course and certification makes you a master of all things Scrum while operating within SAFe. 

career success

But you must strive for more! Once you are a certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, you must:

  • Look for a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master role in your organization

The best way to continue your journey as a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master is to find requirements and then meet them in your current organization. Talk to your manager or employer for this and try to work with a team that is relatively new to Agile and requires immediate and effective mentoring.

  • Go for personal development

The next step to attaining advanced SAFe Scrum master skills is going beyond your Scrum knowledge and helping your company. You must focus on personal development and consider:

  • Setting goals that are precise but clear and achievable
  • Prioritizing goals based on your work and targets
  • Simultaneously detecting challenges with opportunities
  • Developing your skills on a consistent basis
  • Keeping yourself apprised of all the latest news and trends in SAFe and Scrum
  • Focus on resume creation

Technology today has reached a point where companies have automated software that evaluates resumes. Therefore, before you apply for a role as a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, you must build your own resume that’s tonally matter-of-fact and has the right keywords relating to your skillset.


Is pursuing Scrum Master roles in a SAFe environment your next goal but you are totally lacking in experience? Or do you have some experience as a SAFe Scrum Master and want to go to the next level? The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course at ATC will form a reliable and solid Scrum and SAFe foundation for you, and develop the skills that will define you as a SAFe advanced Scrum Master. 

You will find that our  SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification training equips you with a world of knowledge to coach teams and be a better professional in Scrum methods. With your technical skill set, work processes backed by advanced Scrum knowledge, you will be an asset companies won’t want to let go off. You will command excellent paychecks while being a leader everyone can get behind.

If you are ready to work as a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, have a look at “7 Industries Looking for Scrum Master Certification” and make it easier to pick the right one for yourself!

Master high-demand skills that will help you stay relevant in the job market!

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