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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation

As a business, you are under pressure from numerous entities, yet your core priorities stay the same. How can you work to automate tasks for your priorities while working to overcome your pressures? Consider RPA. Nick Reddin, Vice President at ATC discusses shifting your business through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Utilizing Training as a Learning Opportunity

View training as growth potential and a career opportunity. By approaching training with the right attitude, you'll be investing in your most valuable professional asset...yourself.

Balance Life With Time Management

Time management can affect you emotionally, physically and performance-wise. Stephanie explains how to balance your work (and personal) life with time management.

How to Build a High Performing Analytics Team (Full Webinar)

ATC’s How to Build a High Performing Analytics Team webinar explores the role of analytics within companies, the best ways to fill those roles with talents, and how to personally and professionally development analytics’ employees. Special guest: Jenny Schmidt, owner of J Schmidt Consulting.

Seven Ways to Check Your Ego

While it's good to have a healthy ego and confidence in your skills, a larger ego can hinder you in the workplace and interfere in your social interactions with others. Stephanie explains 7 ways to check your ego so it stays the right size.

Making Data Work for You: Turning Data into Insights (Full Webinar)

Our Making Data Work for You: Turning Data into Insights webinar focuses on why current data dashboards and reporting methods are outdated and in need of an overhaul to enable your business to make smarter decisions. Special guest: Jason Greer, owner and strategist of Higher Standard Consulting.

What seven seconds says about you

Sometimes your first impression can be your last impression. Stephanie gives pointers on making a great first impression so you can nail job interviews.

ATC – Conversation Bot For Business Intelligence

Looking for a voice bot that integrates with your data analytics? ATC has the solution for you. Check out our new conversation bot for Business Intelligence. You no longer have to look through multiples reports to find the information you're seeking. Just ask your bot and it'll find the answers you're seeking, without you lifting a finger.

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