Webinar - Measuring People, Places, and Process in a COVID-19 World

Webinar – Measuring People, Places, and Process in a COVID-19 World

Nick Reddin

Published April 15, 2020

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As COVID-19 becomes the catalyst for the most significant workplace transformation we’ve ever witnessed, can working remotely emerge as a game-changer for organizations?

At the heart of an organization is its employees. In the current situation that we find ourselves in, what organizations need to understand is that not every person can excel in a remote work environment. Managing a remote team is quite different, and with a bit of time and learning, managers can quickly figure out how to make things work. Therefore, it’s crucial to empower your team and make them capable of performing seamlessly while working remote.

Leaders become the pillars of this transition and need to rethink strategies and come up with a new roadmap to engage and manage employees successfully. If employees don’t have an understanding of what is expected during isolation, they are likely to be far less productive. Such a scenario will only lead to anxiety, stress, and failing to meet expectations.

The path to normalcy would be gradual and may take longer, and analytics need to be taken seriously by practicing regular data collection, reporting, and analysis. Analytics will help measure, define, and improve success rates.

At our April Webinar, Vice President at ATC, Nick Reddin, and Head of People Analytics at WPA, Stephen Smith, shared their expertise, insights, and strategies on making remote teams work better.

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