Top 10 reasons to get a SAFe Agile Certification

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Top 10 reasons to get a SAFe Agile Certification


Arul Raju

Published November 5, 2021

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Getting certified training will enrich both employees and employers in multiple ways.

Technology is one of the most defining reasons behind a company’s performance. However, everyone has some competence in technology, and it becomes necessary that your top talent meets a defined benchmark. One of the ways to achieve credibility as an organisation with assured knowledge of SAFe is to get your people the SAFe certification. A specialised subject like this makes it suitable for people with specific backgrounds such as software development, testing, project development, and business analysis. Get in touch with us to figure out if the course is right for you.

There are many benefits to a SAFe Agile Certification. Let us have a look at 10 of them:

  1. Systematic, Goal-based Learning

The main reason to undergo training is to learn and upskill. While on-the-job learning is great, a certification can accelerate the process. A certificate program is created through a process of research by industry professionals and by investing in effective pedagogy. This makes a SAFe Certification a valuable learning experience. After all, what will impact performance is the actual learning, and that should be the prime reason to undergo a program like this one. Without a certification, learning in Scaled Agile Framework can remain sporadic or incomplete. 

  1. Attract More Clients

An organisation is only as good as its people. Clients know this well and judge you based on the profile of your employees. In almost all sectors, technology training is valued. However, when a company pitches itself to clients through websites, presentations, brochures, what the organisation can do for the client has to be defined through the qualifications of their workforce. In the previous decades, having Ivy-League-educated professionals made a major difference to a company’s profile. In this decade, having a certain number of SAFe qualified staff counts. 

  1. Salary Hike

Professionals who hold a SAFe Certification stand a very good chance of getting a salary hike at the organisation they work for and/or their future employers. Just as the world’s newly rich entrepreneurs are mostly from technology, the working professionals who are climbing the salary ladder are those who have expertise in sophisticated technology. Top-rated companies in the Fortune list have embraced the SAFe Agile Framework, and working executives can expect that the proof of skills that the certificate gives will make it easy for them to demand better salaries.

Websites such as estimate that the average salary of a SAFe-Agile-certified professional is above $100,000 per annum.

  1. Help in taking better organisational decisions

Organisational decisions are a mix of management and technology. A product manager or a software developer who wishes to upskill himself and be involved in the company’s decision making may find this certification as a useful tool. Lean-Agile principles and all that is learnt in the course is about getting products released as per requirement and quality. Being lean and being agile are both organization-level transformations, and SAFe educated employees can expect that their suggestions will be heard. 

  1. Strengthen product development

Products created in the digital world have massive reach, and product development is a very intensive process now. Leading companies invest their best capabilities in product development and view it as a key to organisational performance. In such circumstances, when Lean-Agile principles are applied, there is a huge impact on the quality and speed of product development, and thereby, the organisational. In short, we can say that a SAFe professional enriches the product development process, which helps him make an impact on the company’s overall performance.

  1. Applied in multiple industries

Marketing, Advertising, Construction, Finance, and Product Development are among the various industries using SAFe Agile methodology. This makes it a suitable certification for those looking for jobs in these industries. With applications in high-value industries such as finance and construction, this bodes well for tech workers with personal financial goals. After the course, one can expect to be in roles such as ScrumMaster, Agile Coach, certified ScrumMaster, Software Engineer, Senior Project Manager, Senior Product Manager, IT, and Product Owner. 

  1. Globally Recognised Curriculum 

Many people who want to upskill are attracted to courses that are about acquiring specific technical expertise that would be globally accepted. SAFe Agile Framework has attracted organisations globally, and the good news is, it has a specific, rigorous curriculum. The certification covers Introduction to SAFe Agile Framework, Lean-Agile Leadership, Establishing Team and Technical Agility, Experiencing Program Increment Planning, Release on Demand with DevOps, Building Business Solutions and Lean Systems, Implementing Lean Portfolio Management, and Leading Transformation. This course is intensive and changes the orientation of the participant to one that is required for employability in major roles. 

  1. Easy To Learn and Assimilate

If you are from software development, testing, product development, the course is easy to learn. There is nothing that is likely to overwhelm you. A wider range of professionals undertakes this course, such as quality analysts, vice presidents, directors, senior managers, project managers, product managers, solution architects, enterprise architects, portfolio managers, etc. The course is exhaustive, and beginners in this field can comfortably take it as there will be a focus on fundamentals. Get in touch with us to find out if the course is right for you. 

  1. Workforce That can Manage Large Project Complexities

Organisations should encourage their workforce to undergo this SAFe Agile Certification as it can remarkably upskill the organisation in managing project complexities. This program helps the workforce learn Lean Agility principles and orient the workforce to plan for managing large projects with tested efficiency and tools. Performance is what essentially drives the growth of an organisation as well as its people and this certification is a win-win for both employers and employees.

  1. Ticks all the boxes that make a skill development program successful

When you consider the idea of reskilling yourself, some key considerations are - learning, relevant in the digital era, recognition, easy to undertake, results in financial outcomes. SAFe Agile Certification empowers you by making you a person with the skill to lead transformation, gives you a skill enhancement relevant today, provides globally recognised certification, ATC seamlessly delivers the course to you, and the course results in substantially increased market value. 

SAFe Agile Transformation, as the name suggests, is about skills and tools that can transform performance levels. At a time when interacting with customers has become purely online, data and how we use it helps us serve customers better. With speed taking center stage in performance, SAFe Agile Framework helps to increase speed as well as quality with which the customer is served. 

ATC Values & SAFe Agile Certification

ATC is a robust learning partner for you to get the certification. SAFe Agile Certification through ATC comes with some important benefits. One, ATC is based in a country where innovation and technology are deeply ingrained. This means that you are learning the course in the atmosphere that is right for this curriculum. Two, being specialised in training in technology, our team is in a position to deliver cutting edge knowledge in this area. Three, we stay away from getting participants based on misinformation, and if we find that the course is not right for you, we will not sell it to you or accept your application. Four, we are offering the course only because we have the conviction that we are providing you training in the SAFe Agile Framework that is at par with the best in the world.

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