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The Future of IT

Kelsey Meyer

Published July 26, 2017

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Multiple studies and predictions all arrive at the same conclusion, the IT industry isn’t going to dry up soon, or likely ever.

In fact, for the first-time in history, the top five companies in the United States are all technology companies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs are expected to increase 12% by the year 2024. And, it certainly makes sense as to why. There are so many different avenues available to IT specialists such as handling computer applications, overseeing computer peripherals, managing telecommunications equipment, creating and monitoring computer networking technology, and providing systems design services. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Like the iPhone, technology will only continue to advance and offer consumers more options.

For companies to remain competitive, first they’ll have to be ready to snatch up quality college students upon graduation and draw highly-skilled tech experts from around the country and – in some cases – outside our borders.

Companies prefer to hire American talent as it’s easier to obtain and is financially feasible. Yet, there are times when companies cannot find the right talent or located where it simply doesn’t exist. Therefore, many big-named U.S. companies choose to pursue foreign talent through a work visa program. While the program does generally draw only the best, qualified candidates from around the world, many visa programs cost U.S. Yet, if the right talent can help a business reach its ultimate goal, the profit more than makes up for what employers had to spend to acquire their services.

Not only will companies need to hire the right talent, but also be able to adapt. Within the next decade policies and laws will change, technology will advance, and cyber threats will only increase. Therefore, IT employees will need to be experts in their specific fields, they will need to identify ways for companies to be more efficient and be flexible with the multitude of changes they will likely face.

In fact, within the next decade, it’s predicted to see more and more companies merge to advance their specific fields.

The Need Is Great

Technology experts are sought after within America and throughout the world.

In fact, the increase is predicted to be faster than any other profession. Why? Because IT needs are extremely broad, crossing a multitude of divisions and departments within companies.

Our nation needs computer programmers, software engineers, tech support experts, as well as computer repair specialists. Plus, some experts believe the emergence of ecosystems and many known platforms which will deliver a new level of opportunities for technology professionals.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the software development industry is expected to see a 17% increase.

Software developers are the creative minds behind many popular computer programs used today. And, like everything in life, things evolve. For example, how many versions of iPhones are there? How often does Microsoft update and improve the services we all use daily such as Word, Excel or Publisher? And finally, how many more apps are consumers going to be able to choose from.

Surprisingly, even jobs which fall under the blue-collar umbrella need IT experts.

Industry experts to assist with mobility gadgets, navigation services, timecard entry, and communications services. Even blue-collar positions use different applications and services.

It’s an IT World

Our world is now touch screens and voice commands.

Unless the zombie apocalypse happens, and all IT professionals become a flesh-eating walking corpse, technology will continue to advance and more specialists will be needed.

IT plays a vital role when it comes to increasing national productivity and sustaining economic growth.

Therefore, the future for the IT industry is looking very bright.

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