Why Conversation Bots are the Future | Reasons to Implement

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How Conversation Bots are Changing the Future


Kelsey Davis

Published October 16, 2019

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Do you feel that your business is up-to-date on the newest technology and take pride in your organization’s quest for continuous innovation? Well, think again. Today, everyone has a conversation bot (ex: Alexa, Siri) at home that helps them with everyday activities, including telling the weather,  organizing the grocery list, and reminding them of appointments.  The best thing is you can now leverage the convenience of conversation bots to attract and retain customers. 

In this guide, we will explore how enhanced conversation bots are changing the customer experience for businesses and what this means for your business. 

Conversation Bots For Business: An Overview

 In today’s business market, many third-party developers use  AI technology from personal assistant applications, such as Siri and Alexa to create impressive conversation bots for businesses. The functionalities of these bots can be customized around the business objectives of your organization, making them a powerful tool for designing personalized customer experiences. 

According to recent reports by Gartner, 50% of customer service and support leaders are planning to invest in the creation of conversation bots for their businesses. This clearly shows that well-designed conversation bots can drive positive customer interactions. 

Reasons to Implement Conversation Bots 

Beyond the generalized reasons of simplicity, facilitation, engagement, and additional support, there are many reasons why conversation bots should be part of your business strategy. Let’s explore some key reasons why you should create conversation bots for your business. 

  • Easily adaptable and painless

Consumers gravitate to products that make interaction as seamless as possible. One of the biggest benefits of a conversation bot is its ability to adapt to a consumer’s unpredictable behavior by quickly responding to their evolving demands and being inclusive and innovative with its solutions.

  • Consumer connection

Conversation bots can increase customer satisfaction and build upon consumer connection. How? Their transformative technology alleviates customer grievances in several ways:

  • Expedited service
  • Faster fulfillment
  • Rapid responses/turnaround time
  • Greater customer insights with accumulated data
  • Enhanced consumer engagement and positive user interactions all build upon consumer connection. 

Traditionally, voice-activated systems provide a deeper psychological bonding than text alone. Using conversation bots in your commerce platforms intrinsically deepens your business’s connection with customers through a greater sense of intimacy and personalization.

  • Mechanically sound

Voice-activated conversation bots eliminate the worry of the lack of transparency, context, and personalized convictions many text-based interfaces bring. They are highly automated and capable of reading the tone of a conversation.

  • Resourcefulness

As broad as this reason may be, conversation bots definitely fit the bill. They serve as competent task managers and promote two-way communication through simple voice commands that turn into self-fulfilling solutions as you give them directives. They can perform complex searches for you hands-free as you deal with other work issues, saving you time while increasing efficiency and productivity.

How Can Conversation Bots Help Businesses Level Up Their CX Game?

AI-powered conversation bots and chatbots have revolutionized the customer support landscape for businesses. And this was possible because the technology primarily focuses on customer intent. From automated messages to instant responses, the technology fills the gap in the customer support hierarchy and provides them instant value. 

The traditional customer support strategy included long wait times that ended up frustrating customers. Studies show that 90% of customers rate instant answers as a priority when getting support from organizations. Conversation bots helped customers get quick responses to basic queries and even aided them to resolve troubleshooting issues without external help. Today, 67% of customers turn to chatbots to get answers to simple questions and troubleshooting issues. 

From marketing and sales to customer support, companies are using enhanced conversation bots across user journeys to retain customers. The technology automates initial interaction across browsers and collects customer information to help the company analyze user behavior further. 

3 Common Business Uses of Chatbots

Although we have talked at length about what enhanced conversation bots mean for customer experience, it is vital to look at the common business uses of chatbots for better clarity. 

  • Marketing and Promotion: You may think that chatbots are only for customer service, but they are also helpful from a marketing perspective. Just like how they can answer support questions, you can even use them for upselling or showcasing promotional offers. For instance, many companies nudge first-time website visitors with a ‘Learn more or ‘Watch a demo video’ option to introduce them to their product and convert them into regular customers. 
  • Educating customers: Content guides and tutorials are essential for onboarding customers, but sadly they are not that actionable. Chatbots and conversational bots encourage users to understand your product engagingly. They automatically direct customers to relevant links to help them find the information they want. 
  • Automated reminders and messages: We have talked above about how conversation bots are great for setting reminders. With the technology, you can go one step beyond and be available to users 24/7. You can send them messages, CTAs, reminders, and prompts to make their lives easier. 

Let’s Get Started

66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs. This means you should try your best to create a personalized experience for them. Advanced conversation bots can help you do that. They are well-equipped to handle customer demands and generate positive interactions with your brand. 

Do you want to see a conversation bot in action? Take a look at our video here to see how useful and easy it is. If that piques your interest, get in touch and we can start creating a conversation bot that is sure to change your organization’s future.

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