App Personalization- The Future of UX

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App Personalization- The Future of UX


Vaishnavi Shah

Published September 1, 2022

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Research shows that 3 out of 4 dollars spent on online purchases is through a mobile device. This means the importance of keeping your customers engaged with your application has increased more than ever. At this point, you may have already tried and tested multiple strategies to attract and retain users, but nothing beats the power of personalization. From Netflix to Amazon, every successful brand is leveraging the allure of personalization to hook users on their application. 

Studies have shown that 71% of customers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and more than 76% of customers feel frustrated when this doesn’t happen. 

While it is not a new concept, companies have long sought to deliver a personalized user experience but struggled to do so. So what exactly is this experience that all customers want? And why is it so complex to deliver? 

What is Personalization?

Today, people are bombarded with information that doesn’t offer them any value. From promotional campaigns to email newsletters, information overload is becoming a nuisance for most users. This is why customers expect companies to understand their tastes and preferences and want them to offer relevant recommendations and deliver them messages accordingly. 

Imagine this: You walk into your favorite ice cream and already find a cone filled with your favorite flavor and toppings at the counter. And this is what a personalized experience means. When a user logs into your mobile application, the system finds all past information relevant to the customer and curates an experience relevant to them. 

Research says that marketers see a 56% increase in sales when they use personalized experiences. So there’s a lot at stake. 

Some Brilliant App Personalization Examples That You Should Know!

Let’s explore some of the best personalization experiences brands have created for their users!

  1. Spotify Offering Personalized Playlists to Users

Having a library of 80 million tracks, Spotify is a behemoth having billions of engaged customers. The company has constantly invested in creating personalized audio experiences for users to keep them active on the platform. It uses machine learning and AI to create playlists and recommend them to users based on their past listening behavior. 

Spotify’s most commendable marketing campaigns include: 

  • The Only You Campaign: Only You is a global campaign offering an in-app experience with personalized playlists that celebrates your listening experience. 
  • Wrapped Campaign: Spotify’s most successful viral campaign ‘Wrapped’ offers users a playlist that has all the songs users have listened to in the past year, the genre they are into, and their favorite artists. 
  1. IKEA Using AR Technology to Attract Customers

IKEA is a global brand with a wide range of DIY furniture products. The brand is also famous for using personalization throughout the customer journey. The company has rolled out a mobile application that uses augmented reality, allowing users to try different products in their homes. This helps them make informed buying decisions. The user can even adjust the item according to their preferences. The app even offers recommendations to increase interactivity. 

Besides this, the company also uses hyper-localized campaigns for a highly segmented customer group. Through these localized campaigns, the company has received success in Asian markets. 

How Can Custom App Development Help You Deliver Seamless Personalized Experiences?

Achieving success through personalization has to do a lot with adopting the correct approach. Using proper segmentation to develop customer profiles and deploying campaigns to these customer profiles using technologies have long proved to be a challenge for companies. Gartner has revealed that 61% of marketing leaders report ambiguous results from their personalization initiatives. 

You can solve this with custom app development. 

Custom app development is different from the off-the-shelf software development solutions out there. It involves tailoring your application according to the user's needs. Instead of relying on no-code builders or developing a generalized solution, custom app development involves nailing granular details. 

It uses three primary strategies:  

  • Application customization: Modifying the general application layout to support individual requirements.
  • Application modernization: Improving the software's performance by constantly updating its functionality and features. 
  • Application management: Ensuring that the application runs at maximum efficiency. 

Top Benefits of Using Custom App Development!

Let’s explore how using custom application developments gives you a competitive edge!

  1. Advanced Integration

Leveraging APIs and technologies to build an engaging user experience can be a game changer for your sales. With the advanced integration of APIs, you can utilize all the digital touchpoints across the customer journey and create a personalized touch at each stage. Whether you are running an e-commerce store or want to give your customers a seamless booking experience, custom app development will help you build the desired user interface that adds value to your users. 

  1. Increased Efficiency

With newer trends coming in every day, it can be hard to keep up with the changing business scenario. Since customer success is crucial for every business be it SaaS or the e-commerce industry, you need to allocate your resources to build the best applications possible.

Amidst such chaos, custom app development can help you increase the efficiency of your application through rapid app development and app management. From delivering personalized messaging throughout the app to fixing bugs and technical glitches in real-time, you can grow and adapt to changing customer needs. 

  1. Efficient Data Gathering and Analytics

The pillar of personalization is data analytics. As you are in charge of managing the dashboards and integrating new features into them, you can analyze the influx of data coming in from multiple sources and understand user behavior better. Many companies are even using AI and Big Data to go through tons of data sets and get actionable insights for businesses to help them create better strategies. 

Let Us Help You Craft the Best User Experience!

App management and modernization are almost impossible if you don’t have a talented team. At ATC, we have the top 5% of developers and software engineers to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Our custom app development services are designed to solve complex problems and create a robust digital environment for your users. From building, deploying, and managing applications, we will do it all for you. Don’t wait to evolve, adapt to user needs today by shooting us an email! We are happy to help.

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