5 Best Marketing Hacks for SaaS Businesses!

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5 Best Marketing Hacks for SaaS Businesses!


Vaishnavi Shah

Published September 20, 2022

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You’ve designed and built a great SaaS product. Now comes the most challenging part: Attracting customers. 

According to reports, 61% of marketers struggle with lead generation. And for SaaS marketers, things are more overwhelming. This is because SaaS products are dedicated to niche user bases.

With customer demands evolving and more companies looking to digitalize their businesses, there is a growing need for a solid marketing plan that generates qualified leads and helps you stand out among competitors. 

In this guide, we have highlighted some of the best SaaS growth hacks and trends you can add to your marketing plan to supercharge your business growth. 

  1. Focus on Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing in the SaaS business is a lot more complex. This is because you are putting forth your product and services in front of a highly knowledgeable clientele. 

Research shows that 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. In a world where customers expect instant responses, you cannot design an email marketing strategy with fluffs or gimmicks. It should be highly focused and personalized. 

Here are some of the ways you can create a winning email marketing strategy:

  • Segment Your Audience: Dividing your email list into small groups based on demographics, purchasing habits, and browser details are crucial. That way, you can design email campaigns that interest particular audience groups and improve your click-through rates.
  • Use Automated Emails: By using email marketing software, you can send real-time automated emails to your customers to help them move forward to the next sales cycle. 
  • Use the Sender’s Name: From the subject lines to the text body, you should use the sender’s name in relevant places to make it feel more personal. 

Let’s look at some of the best email campaigns by successful SaaS companies: 

  • Shopify  Sending Trigger Emails to Users Every Time They Take Action

When companies convert leads into clients, they do the mistake of ceasing communication. But at this stage, you should add extra value to customers to show them that your brand cares. Shopify does this exceptionally well. The company uses trigger emails to create a personalized customer experience every time they take action. 

They send compelling welcome emails, transactional emails, critical notifications, and more based on the user’s behavior. 

The company send automated trigger emails to users to help them move forward in the sales cycle.

  • Grammarly Sending Personalized Reports to Users

Grammarly sends weekly emails to its users, offering them insights and recommendations on their writing. Using customer data and advanced analytics, the company communicates valuable information to users, helping them grow and prosper. 

  1. Go All in With the Blogs 

Content marketing is an underrated growth hacking strategy SaaS companies have yet to utilize. Today, 56% of marketers are leveraging blogging and getting high ROI. SaaS marketers can stand out in a crowded marketplace by creating informative content to boost awareness about their products and services.

Here are some tips to get you started on creating a successful blogging strategy for your business: 

  • Identify what resonates with your audience: If you want your blogs to perform well, you need to start your research by defining the buyer’s persona and understanding their pain points. For instance, if your customers are struggling with how to use project management tools, you can create a piece offering them insights on using the tool for fast results. 
  • Be specific about your point: Business leaders read blogs to get helpful information about a topic. If you are vague or fail to make a point, nobody will be interested in reading it. So be specific on what you are trying to say and write clear headlines that convey value. 
  • Write easy-to-read content: In the SaaS space, using jargon and writing hard-to-understand text is a red flag. Present the content in an easy-to-read format with simple language. 
  1. Use the Data Goldmine

A proven B2B SaaS growth hack is designing marketing campaigns based on data analytics. Data is no longer hard to gather. You can extract data from online surveys, feedback forms, website metrics, and more. 

Using data from these sources can help you understand what your customers want to see and improvise. Research shows that 56% of leaders who exceeded their business goals last year use data to power their campaigns. 

Here are some ways data-driven marketing can help you grow:

  • Increase your visibility on social platforms: Many social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn let you create custom campaigns to help you send targeted messages to your audience. Using industry data and analyzing your campaign metrics, you can stay on top of social media trends and connect better with your audience. 
  • Running A/B tests: With A/B testing, you understand how two variations of a campaign work against each other and measure the impact. This takes the guesswork out of your campaigns and helps you make data-driven decisions.
  • Collecting and using customer feedback: To attract customers, you need to listen to them. By analyzing customer feedback from your website or through feedback forums, you can create experiences that matter to them. 
  1. Provide Onboarding and Customer Support

Onboarding is a critical stage in the customer lifecycle as it introduces them to your products. A positive customer onboarding experience will make your customers feel they have made the correct choice of working with you. But if you don’t provide proper hand-holding, it can result in a higher churn rate. 

Let’s explore the best onboarding practices that SaaS companies are using to reduce churn rates and accelerate engagement!

  • Build interactive walkthroughs: Create video guides and offer interactive walkthroughs to your clients to help them get started and resolve their queries. 
  • Set up support channels: From sending welcome emails to regular check-ins, ensure that your clients can reach out to you easily.
  • Send them feedback form: It is a good practice to send feedback forms through emails to ask your customers how their onboarding experience was. By asking pertinent questions, you can understand whether or not they faced any problems and how you can improve further. 
  1. Keep Exploring Free Marketing Tools

The last two years have shaken up the marketing world with many disruptions. And it has taught SaaS marketers a critical lesson: Widen your horizon. 

Most marketers think that burning thousands of dollars and getting highly-sought after products is the only way to make your campaigns successful. But this is not always the case. Although paid marketing tools offer advanced functionalities, free marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Google Trends, Craigslist, and more can also help you gain insights. 

The same goes for social media platforms. You should explore running campaigns on other social media platforms to create an omnichannel experience. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, keeping your marketing strategy straightforward won’t work. Although tried and tested formulas may have worked for you in the past, you need to keep experimenting and figure out what works best for your business in the long run. Hopefully, you can incorporate these SaaS growth hacks in your marketing strategy to derive a better ROI. 

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